Ft. Snelling planning renovations

A $34 million legislative request would create a new visitor center, preserve historic structures, make critical site improvements, and tell essential stories of American history ... Read more | Add your comment

Star Watch:Mercury takes to the April skies

By Deane Morrison University of Minnesota Mercury, the messenger of the gods, pops into the evening sky in April, making its best evening appearance of ... Read more | Add your comment

Furthering the spirit of music

The excerpt below is from the March 25, 1931, Austin Daily Herald: “Oh, beautiful this Hormel Home For girls both one and all; A welcome ... Read more | Add your comment

Breaking down the 2016 MLB season

Opening Day is here again. The defending champion Kansas City Royals will host the New York Mets in a World Series rematch at 7:30 p.m. ... Read more | Add your comment

Anniversary: Brenda and Chris Landherr

Love at first sight, you knew it was true A short while later, you said “I do” As the years passed by, your family grew ... Read more | Add your comment