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Our opinion: Send us your best

Boy, we are really getting tired of saying this, but like so many things, COVID-19 has played in role in disrupting Austin Expression By now, ... Read more

8 mins ago by Daily Herald.

The Wide Angle: Giving golf a futile try

A long time back, at the ripe old age of teen, I tried the game of golf.  I’ve told stories on occasion about the ineptitude ... Read more

3 hours ago by Eric Johnson.

Batt: The value of a cigar band

Echoes from the Loafers’ Club Zoom Meeting   I was having a great day until it happened.   What happened?   My good luck horseshoe ... Read more

1 day ago by Al Batt.

Sips of Summer: The Value of Hydration

By Jenna DeMoss Corporate Hy-Vee Dietitian Are you drinking enough water? To figure out how much water you need each day, take your body weight ... Read more

1 day ago by Daily Herald.

Our opinion: Library remains a solid resource

Last week’s announcement by the Austin Public Library that it was eliminating fines for overdue books was a welcome sign by the library of wanting ... Read more

1 day ago by Rocky Hulne.

Parks restrooms are now open as summer hits its stride

Parks maintenance priorities had been focused primarily on repairs and keeping the grass at or below heights at which residents are expected to keep their ... Read more

5 days ago by Kevin Nelson.

The Wide Angle: A different age of education

For a while now, I have been positing a philosophical question to those that are in education. It usually comes on the heels of a ... Read more

5 days ago by Eric Johnson.

Other’s opinion: Minnesota Legislature still has a long to-do list

Star Tribune Days have passed since negotiations broke down last weekend at the Minnesota Legislature and, regrettably, not much has changed. The Senate and House ... Read more

5 days ago by Tribune News Service.

Our opinion: In the age of digital, be aware of the fake

It’s been said over and over again, but with the campaign season in full swing it’s worth another reminder: not everything on social media is ... Read more

5 days ago by Daily Herald.

Letter: ‘Thank you’ to a community of caring

Our daughter is a recent graduate of Austin High School. We wanted to express our appreciation to all who made the graduation festivities possible and ... Read more

5 days ago by Daily Herald.

Happy, relieved local governments getting fair share of CARES fund

After waiting more than 90 days since Congress passed the CARES Act, I’m happy and relieved to see that local governments will finally receive their ... Read more

5 days ago by Daily Herald.

HHH: Public invited to tell their stories

I’m struggling. I just want to say that up front. Some days I feel like I have a lot to write about    Hormel family ... Read more

5 days ago by Holly Johnson.

50 states, 50 heroes: The last war chief

Born on Oct. 27, 1913, on the Crow Indian Reservation near Lodge Grass, Montana, Joseph Medicine Crow was the grandson of Crow War Chief Medicine ... Read more

5 days ago by Mike Stoll.

The cactus are in bloom

As we move into summer, we are continuing  to take precautions in order to begin traveling again. Currently, we have no definite travel plans, but ... Read more

5 days ago by Evie Mohrfeld.

The demise of a family member

Oh, Aunt Jemima, you’re gone. In the heaviness of my heart, I cannot let your passing go unnoticed as I lament yet another icon lost ... Read more

5 days ago by Peggy Keener.

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