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Annie Lane: Call me by my name

Dear Annie: My daughter, “Connie,” left home when she was at 17 to join the army. I was going through a separation, and then divorce, ... Read more

6 days ago by Daily Herald.

Time to look back

With our Travel Office closed at the Mower County Senior Center Office, it allows time to look back and reminisce about some places we have ... Read more

1 week ago by Evie Mohrfeld.

City of Austin archery deer hunt upcoming

The season is approaching for which local archers/bow hunters are already honing their skills, ensuring accuracy when they release a bowstring and propelling an arrow ... Read more

1 week ago by Kevin Nelson.

Annie Lane: Cutting off the conversation

Dear Annie: One of my elderly relatives is a real sweetheart, but she also is quite a talker. Our phone conversations go on and on ... Read more

1 week ago by Daily Herald.

50 states, 50 heroes: Convoy hunter

Born Feb. 2, 1911, in Dover, New Hampshire, Richard Hetherington O’Kane graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy in 1934. He served on the heavy cruiser ... Read more

1 week ago by Mike Stoll.

The Wide Angle: It’s OK everybody, the raspberries are blooming

I was beginning to have a moment of crisis the other day. The raspberries were late. One of the neatest things about owning our house ... Read more

1 week ago by Eric Johnson.

Our opinion: Getting back to normal means taking the recommended steps

Decisions on the wearing of masks made by the Austin City Council and Gov. Tim Walz this past week have been met with both support ... Read more

1 week ago by Daily Herald.

Holly Johnson: Getting the word out on the history of the Hormel Historic Home

I sometimes feel like I repeat myself over and over when it comes to promoting the Hormel Historic Home. I was recently contacted by a ... Read more

1 week ago by Holly Johnson.

Peggy Keener: Glorious and bountiful bat scat

Never in the deepest recesses of my mind did I ever dream I would one day write a column about guano. Yes, you heard me. ... Read more

1 week ago by Peggy Keener.

Letter: Why take more time to make mask decision

I am confused.  The swimming pool in Austin was closed because maybe someone might get the China Virus.  The fireworks in Austin were cancelled because ... Read more

1 week ago by Daily Herald.

Honor John Lewis and pass voting-rights bill

Star Tribune A 65-foot mural in Atlanta reflects the larger-than-life legacy of U.S. Rep. John Lewis, the civil-rights icon who died of pancreatic cancer on ... Read more

2 weeks ago by Tribune News Service.

Guest commentary: Adopting electric vehicle standards would have a negative impact

By Elaine Hansen President Austin Area Chamber  of Commerce We are now over halfway through 2020, and what a year it has been. I do ... Read more

2 weeks ago by Daily Herald.

Ask a Trooper: Rules for wearing earplugs or headphones while driving

By Troy Christianson Question: Is it legal to wear earplugs or headphones driving a vehicle in Minnesota? Does the decibel rating matter? Answer: State statute ... Read more

2 weeks ago by Daily Herald.

Al Batt: Days go by too quickly

Echoes from the Loafers’ Club Meeting I told my wife I wanted to be cremated. It’s good to talk about those kinds of things. No, ... Read more

2 weeks ago by Al Batt.

Letter: This is how we fight back

Being of Irish descent, St. Paddy’s is always a Day I look forward to. But this year, Paddy’s was very different. I did manage to ... Read more

2 weeks ago by Daily Herald.

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