Hormel Historic Home: Lift the veil on the Wedding & Event Showcase

Published 5:10 am Saturday, January 25, 2020

In looking through old newspaper clippings from the late 20s through the 40s for the YWCA, there are several types of events that occurred and they all seemed to include music in some way. In addition to lectures, social events, and meetings, there were also many wedding celebrations.  In the next week the Hormel Historic Home will host events that focus on these same things.

Sunday, Jan. 26, is the ninth annual Wedding & Event Showcase, when over 30 vendors such as caterers, travel agents, photographers, and decorators will be onsite to help you take care of all your planning details. Businesses will answer questions and help you plan your special event all in one place.

You may have planned weddings, anniversary, and birthday parties in the past, but what would you do if you had to plan something today?  With what task would you start? Would you google ideas or ask a friend to help?  How about relying on the Hormel Historic Home to help!

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Over 100 years ago, another local entity offered to help couples plan their special day.  The Austin Daily Herald gave the following advice in an ad dated Oct. 10, 1908.

“Perhaps the hour has come when the thought has become uppermost in your mind, of leaving the state of single blessedness and entering that called ‘married life’.  In such cases it only requires a short time before the first step is taken and completed; that of securing and presenting the engagement ring… The day is set, but preceding the wedding however, must be considered the kind of service, and how many guests must be invited.  Then comes the stationery, the invitations, the announcements, the reception, etc… But in this the bride is greatly aided and the decision easily reached, for it has now become so widely known that the Austin Daily Herald furnishes the very nicest to be had in all kinds of wedding work…”

Based on the Herald’s offer to help couples plan their big day, it seems that planning weddings in 1908 was just as intense as it can be today.

A few days after the Showcase, on Tuesday, Jan. 28, we will host a free casual musical reception to welcome one of our favorite musicians to the HHH.  MarySue Hormel Harris will make her annual visit to town and will share her talented piano fingers with the community. When MarySue, along with her daughter, sister Anabeth, and nieces visit, it is a special time for the HHH and music lovers to show our appreciation for the investment that the family makes in the musical programming at the HHH. All are invited. Refreshments will be served.

Weddings and music, past and present.  See you at the HHH soon.

Austin Wedding & Event Showcase

  • Noon to 3 p.m., Sunday, Jan. 26
  • Plan your wedding or other special event from start to finish at this annual event featuring caterers, florists, photographers, venues, and more. $5 per person, complimentary champagne

MarySue Hormel Harris and her family

  • 4 p.m., Tuesday, Jan. 28
  • All are invited to a reception to welcome MarySue Hormel Harris and her family.  She will play a short selection of piano music by Frederic Chopin. Refreshments served. Free