MN singer from ‘The Voice’ to play Torge’s

Published 9:44 am Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Tim Mahoney was called a chick on national television, but he’s going back for more.

Tim Mahoney, who appeared on “The Voice,” will perform at Torge’s Live Saturday at 10 p.m. -- Photo provided

The veteran musician became a Minnesota star when he appeared on episodes of the TV show “The Voice.” Another TV appearance could be in Mahoney’s future. But first, he’s scheduled to return to Torge’s Live for a show at 10 p.m. Jan. 7.

“It’s a really cool place to play,” said Mahoney. “I’ve played there a few times before. It’s always been a really good show.”

‘The Voice’

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Though the Twin Cities musician has performed and recorded about 10 albums over 15 years, Mahoney said many people recognize him as the guy from “The Voice” — something he doesn’t shy away from.

“It was a crazy experience,” he said.

Mahoney auditioned in Minneapolis and survived a broad list of hopefuls to make the show. He only appeared on about three episodes, but Mahoney received media attention when judge Maroon 5 singer Adam Levine mistook his voice for a woman’s.

“It ended up kind of helping me — being the guy that Adam Levine called a chick,” he said. “I didn’t care about the girl thing. I’ve heard that before. I’ve got a higher voice.”

In fact, Mahoney tried to have fun with it. After his stint on the show, he released the single “Hey Adam Levine,” which features lyrics like “Hey Adam Levine, I don’t sound like a girl, I’m just a guy singing in my world.”

“I did it as just a fun-natured thing,” he said.

Mahoney said Levine has heard the poppy tune and called it kind of fun and kind of creepy.

Overall, the reality show experience helped further Mahoney’s music.

“It was just a great injection into my career,” he said, noting the experience helped the iTunes sales of his songs.

Mahoney has gained recognition from the show. Minneapolis was one of the highest viewing areas for his episodes, and Mahoney is set to appear on a Minnesota version of “Dancing With The Stars” for charity.

The benefits are one reason he has lined up an audition for “The X Factor.”


Mahoney’s career dates to long before ‘The Voice,’ when he traded in work as a waiter to take up music full time.

He released his first album in 1996 and attributes his long career to hustle and hard work.

“It definitely took some time,” he said. “I’ve been fortunate to be able to maintain it — knock on wood.”

Mahoney isn’t slowing down in 2012, as he plans to release an EP of about six new songs in February.

Mahoney describes his music as upbeat and fun pop rock. He told people to come out for a show where they can have fun and dance to some upbeat tunes.

“We like to have a good time, and I like Austin,” he said.