Donation to hunger relief ‘perfect timing’

Published 11:02 am Friday, October 14, 2011

Alice Holst, representing Meals on Wheels and Lt. Dave Amick for the Salvation Army accepted checks for $5,000 from Tim Fritz on behalf of Hormel Foods Thursday morning. - Eric Johnson/

The cupboards are nearly bare at the Salvation Army in Austin, but a $5,000 donation from Hormel Foods Corp. will go a long way toward restocking the shelves, according to Lt. Dave Amick.

Hormel donated $5,000 each to the Salvation Army and Meals on Wheels in Austin Thursday as part of its initiative to feed the hungry in 16 cities across the U.S. On Sept. 13, Hormel announced a donation of $130,000 to that effort.

“We take great pride in this type of initiative,” said Tim Fritz, Austin plant production manager of Hormel Foods.

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Amick said the donation was very much appreciated.

“We’re just delighted that Hormel will help us out,” Amick said. “It couldn’t be more perfect timing.”

The Salvation Army provides food for 10-15 families a day, Amick said. Non-perishable food, especially canned goods, are needed more than anything right now, he said.

Alice Holst of Meals on Wheels said they are “absolutely thrilled” with the donation.

Meals on Wheels, which delivers between 80 and 100 meals a day in Austin to the homebound elderly and disabled, runs on a deficit, and because of state funding cuts, the organization can use any help it can get, according to Holst.

Meals on Wheels is available to anyone who needs meal assistance, short-term or long-term.

Holst said they are also always looking for volunteers to deliver the meals, too.

“It’s not a huge commitment, maybe an hour once a week, but it’s just a wonderful, wonderful service,” she said.

To donate to the Salvation Army, call 507-437-4566 or stop by its office at 409 First Ave. NE. To volunteer to help Meals on Wheels or for questions about signing up for the program, call 507-438-3140.

Members of the Village Co-Op posed with Salvation Army staff after donating two cartloads of groceries to the local SA food shelf Thursday. This was the first time the Village Co-Op gathered together to donate food, according to Co-Op President Bob Knutson. - Trey Mewew/