Second straight scorcher

Published 11:40 am Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Siblings Jacob Broberg, right, Levi Broberg, and Hannah Broberg come together to pour Renaldo Jones another glass of lemonade at their lemonade stand Tuesday. The siblings were doing their part to battle the high temperatures draped over Austin. - Eric Johnson/

It was perfect lemonade weather yesterday.

With temperatures getting up to 99 degrees, young entrepreneurs like Jacob, Levi and Hannah Broberg were ready to keep people cool on an almost record-setting day.

Austin fell short of hitting a 100 degree record mark, according to the National Weather Service. Yet temps were at 99 degrees yesterday afternoon before falling to 71 last night.

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“It’s not completely unusual,” said Zack Taylor, NWS meteorologist. “To see near 100-degree temps is definitely rare this time of year, but for the (weather) pattern that we’ve had it’s not unusual.”

Hannah Broberg attempts to wave in possible customer to the lemonade stand run by her and brothers Levi, right, and Jacob as the siblings helped people deal with the extreme heat Tuesday afternoon. - Eric Johnson/