MissFits top first round of Get Fit

Published 3:21 pm Saturday, February 26, 2011

The members of MissFits were the Mini Challenger #1 winners during the 2011 Get Fit Challenge. Pictured, from left: Mark Bjorlie, executive director of the YMCA, team members Naomi Smith, Jodi Vortherms, Anna Otto, Katie Stormlund and Kristy Rooney, and Mandi Lighthizer-Schmidt, executive director of the Mower County United Way. Not pictured: Monica Lillis, Christine Frederick and Amanda Kuns. - Eric Johnson/photodesk@austindailyherald.com

Because it takes dedication to win a fitness competition, it’s no wonder a group of close mothers won the first stage of United Way’s Get Fit Be Fit challenge.

The eight-member team, including Jodi Vortherms, Monica Lillis, Christine Frederick, Naomi Smith, Anna Otto, Amanda Kuns, Katie Stomlund and Kristy Rooney completed their fitness goals and had the highest nutrition and bonus points score for the first stage of the three-stage challenge.

The first, four-week stage required team members to each walk or run 26 miles and log points for healthy eating.

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Vortherms, who is the team captain of the MissFits, heard about the competition last year and wanted to coordinate a group of mothers who are all friends.

“We all kind of have interconnected friendships within the group,” Vortherms said.

That was something that helped the women win the first stage of the competition. They said they weren’t self conscious while working out with each other, so there was little pressure. However, being part of a team kept them dedicated, as well.

“There’s a lot of accountability,” said Anna Otto. “It’s not just for ourselves; it’s for the team.”

Throughout the last four weeks, the team met at the mall to walk, attended classes at the YMCA, played Wii fitness games and watched what they ate.

“I think we’re all pretty much committed to healthy eating,” Vortherms said.

Everything the team has done so far has been working, too. A couple of the members have already lost 10 pounds, and every member has lost at least some weight.

For winning the first stage, the members all received iPods, $15 iTunes cards, one-year subscriptions to Cooking Light magazine and Mayo Clinic diet books.

Now they believe they can win the whole competition. The group has started its own Facebook page dedicated to the competition where they can post motivators and updates about themselves.

Whether they win or not, the women said they are going out to celebrate at the end of the 12-week competition.