Group donates hair to Locks of Love

Published 3:16 pm Saturday, February 26, 2011

Caitlin Gordon laughs as she gets the first look of her hair after it was cut off for Locks of Love Friday at the Golden Tress. - Eric Johnson/

After two years without getting their hair cut, several ladies finally decided it was time to go to the stylist Friday afternoon.

Kimberly Kamp, from left, Caitlin Gordon, Emma Gordon, Betty Neus and Bonnie Gordon all had their hair cut off for Locks of Love Friday afternoon at The Golden Tress. - Eric Johnson/

No, they weren’t procrastinating. They were donating their hair to Locks of Love — an organization that gives hairpieces to children who suffer from long-term medical hair loss from cancer or other diseases.

Two years ago, Betty Neus thought it would be an interesting, fun and meaningful thing to donate her hair. She is a breast cancer survivor. Although she didn’t lose her hair from treatment, her mother did — twice.

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After she made her decision to cut her hair, several others became committed to the idea, as well. Bonnie Gordon, Neus’ daughter, along with her kids, Caitlin and Emma Gordon and their friend, Kimberly Kamp, all joined in.

The hair cuts were no small alterations. Locks of Love needs at least 10 inches of hair from each donor to make hairpieces.

Betty Neus readies herself as stylist Jan Alm cuts away her hair which was to be donated to the Locks of Love Friday afternoon at the Golden Tress. Neus had been looking forward to having short hair again after growing it long for so long. - Eric Johnson/

Kamp, who had been pondering the situation for quite some time — especially in school Friday, didn’t turn back from the hair cut.

“I think it’s a good cause,” she said.

Although Locks of Love obviously isn’t something people can donate to on a regular basis, some of them might do it again in a couple years.

“I might,” Bonnie said. “It’s just hair, and it’s a good cause. If it makes someone else feel a little more normal, it’s a good thing.”

Stylists who cut their hair at the Golden Tress Hair Salon in Austin have done Locks of Love cuts before. And because each hair piece requires hair from roughly 10 people, the stylists are appreciative when more people donate.

“It’s a gift of love is what they’ve given,” said Jan Alm, one of the stylists. She mentioned how hair is a very important thing to girls of all ages. “If someone can get a great hairpiece like this, it’s just wonderful.”