FEMA visits Austin to tally flood damages

Published 8:13 am Friday, October 1, 2010

A lone sandbag sits behind The Cedars of Austin during last weeks flooding. -- Herald file photo

Preliminary estimates of flood damage to show last week’s flood was more comparable to flooding damage in 2008 than the flood of 2004.

Federal Emergency Management Agency officials were in Mower County yesterday, and preliminary estimates show that there was about $256,000 in damage to city infrastructure and $580,000 in damage to county infrastructure.

Emergency management director Wayne Madson said the estimates are still only a ballpark estimate, and he described them as an early step in receiving federal funding. The numbers will be combined with data from other counties and submitted both to the governor and president.

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A total of about $6.4 million — which includes all counties affected — is needed to receive federal disaster funding, Madson said. Given the multiple counties reporting flood damages, it’s likely totals will surpass $6.4 million, and funding could be declared as early as next week, he said.

After the 2004 flood, about $1.48 million dollars in damage was reported to city infrastructure. About $2.87 million in damage was reported to the entire county infrastructure in ’04. In 2008, there was about $295,000 reported in county infrastructure damage.