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Autism Camp marks successful week

As our 2014 autism camps come to a close we are busy assessing the outcomes of both programs. Thirty-six youth participated in the two camp sessions; ... Read more | Add your comment

Experience the stunning art of Japan

By Grace Heimsness Education and Marketing Coordinator Those inclined to look up will find something unique in the Turbine Gallery this year, thanks to Peggy ... Read more | Add your comment

AACA its volunteers

The weeklong celebration of the arts in conjunction with the Austin ArtWorks Festival officially kicks off this weekend. On Saturday, Aug.16, we are presenting the ... Read more | Add your comment

Still plenty of fun to be had after the fair

We all love the fair. A month before the Mower County Fair starts, people at the center start talking about what they are going to ... Read more | Add your comment

Racing towards the future

I recently got a new cell phone. Even though I got a newer version of the same brand, it was a painful process. I had ... Read more | Add your comment

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