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Schminke: High taxes make state uncompetitive

By Dennis Schminke GOP candidate for District 27B Everybody — rich and not-so-rich — pays taxes. You see it each week on your pay-stub, on ... Read more | Add your comment

Rep. Jeanne Poppe: Strong likelihood of federal aid for disaster recovery

This week, Minnesota took an important step toward securing significant resources to strengthen our ongoing disaster recovery efforts after last month’s severe storms and flooding. ... Read more | Add your comment

Others’ Opinion: Schools need a safety plan

University of Minnesota creative writing professor Julie Schumacher published a chilling op-ed in The New York Times last month that detailed her experience talking with ... Read more | Add your comment

Others’ Opinion: Kudos to raising standards on pet breeders

The implementation July 1 of a new state law governing large commercial dog and cat breeders is a welcome step in improving quality control of ... Read more | Add your comment

Knoebel: World Music Series returns July 16

A benefit the Austin Area Commission for the Arts enjoys offering our community is free opportunities to enjoy the arts. We are excited to continue ... Read more | Add your comment

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