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Kelli in Kuwait

Wrapping up a whirlwind week and thank yous!

Wow, that week went by so fast! I’m back in Albert Lea winding down after a long day ...

Kelli in Kuwait

Wow my last day already!

I think this will be the last chance I’ll have to blog from Kuwait because I only get ...


Video blog entry from Kuwait

Albert Lea Tribune reporter Kelli Lageson posts a blog entry using video.

Kelli in Kuwait

The days are going by so fast!

I can’t believe I’ve been here since Saturday, and that I leave in two days! I’ve been so ...

Kelli in Kuwait

Midway through Day four already

I’ve just finished up most of my morning work and we just went to the chow hall for ...

Kelli in Kuwait

Day three in Kuwait!

Hello readers! Today I’ve worked on my two profile stories, this time I got a soldier who’s from ...

Kelli in Kuwait

Day two is coming to a close

  I would have written earlier today but today was busier in the early part and I have ...

Kelli in Kuwait

Day one is ending

It’s just after 9 p.m. here, and I’ve just sent photos and stories to editors Tim Engstrom and ...

Kelli in Kuwait

Day one is underway

I don’t have a ton of new information to post, but I did get my photo taken this ...

Kelli in Kuwait

Finally in Kuwait and getting settled in!

Kelli in Kuwait

I’m leaving on a jet plane… tomorrow!

Tomorrow is the big day! I will depart Minneapolis at 1 p.m. and probably write another blog post ...

Kelli in Kuwait

Check me out on KIMT

Yesterday I was interviewed by one of the local TV stations, KIMT. The reporter who interviewed me was ...

Kelli in Kuwait

Story ideas needed!

Yesterday we had a big story planning meeting with the publishers of the Tribune and the Herald, as ...

Kelli in Kuwait

Tickets are purchased!

Today we’re announcing the Kuwait trip in the newspaper, so it’s finally becoming official. A few days ago ...

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