The days are going by so fast!

Published 2:47 am Thursday, November 10, 2011

I can’t believe I’ve been here since Saturday, and that I leave in two days! I’ve been so busy that all the days are running together, which soldiers say is a common thing. They almost never know what day of the week it is. My schedule has been really busy so I haven’t had any time to be bored, which is really nice.

Every day I get up and go to chow, then get right to work finding stories. I try to interview and then go write the story as soon as possible because my notebooks are filling up and it’s hard to keep all the names, ranks and facts straight. Today I have another full schedule so I thought I better blog now before I get too busy. This morning I did a profile interview with Sgt. Dan Springborg, and have an interview with an Austin soldier set up for later today. I worked on the package story for Friday about working out at the gym and got those photos ready to go. Then this afternoon I’m meeting with the battalion’s executive officer to compare this deployment to others the battalion has done, and then meeting with a soldier who has interesting ties back to Austin.

After that I’ll be riding along with Delta Company around the base in some new vehicles they’re being trained on. Tomorrow I have another full schedule that includes getting up really early to cover the Veterans Day 11k run at 6 a.m., then finding soldiers to profile. I’m meeting with a wife and husband who are both here but deployed with different units so that should be an interesting story. I’m hoping to have a package story about food options for the Sunday paper with photos. Then rapper Chamillionaire is here tomorrow night to put on a concert. Unfortunately I’ll miss country group Lonestar on Saturday night, because I’ll be on my way to the airport.

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When I get some free time (if I get some free time haha) I want to visit the PX, or post exchange, and pick up some souvenirs if I can. I keep thinking I’ll have time in the future, but I might want to schedule that in so I can get there! Otherwise all is going well and thanks again for reading!