Day one is ending

Published 12:20 pm Sunday, November 6, 2011

It’s just after 9 p.m. here, and I’ve just sent photos and stories to editors Tim Engstrom and Adam Harringa for use in the Monday paper. The time change is starting to mess with my head! I have to constantly be counting how many hours away they are, which I could understand would be annoying for soldiers after a while.

I know I’m calling this day one even though technically I arrived yesterday. Today was the first day of actual work, so that’s my reasoning. I think I left off right before lunch. 1st Lt. Dustin Rockow picked me up after allowing me some time for writing in the morning. We went to the smaller lunch facility and I had baked chicken, a salad and some fruit. What I’ve learned so far: eat what the soldiers eat. They of all people know what’s good and not so good.

Then we had some waiting time until some soldiers from the Delta and Bravo Companies were preparing for a mission into Iraq. I interviewed some local soldiers and got photos. Then it was back to my room for more writing before a quick dinner. Sgt. Glenn Kuehne picked me up and we went to the smaller dining facility again (usually a shorter line). I had roast turkey and au gratin potatoes, the turkey was good, and the potatoes could have used some work, but all in all I’m pretty impressed by the selection of foods and drinks available. There’s a short-order line for burgers and sandwiches, a main line with foods like turkey or meatloaf, a salad bar, sometimes a pasta bar or potato bar, every kind of non-alcoholic drink you can think of, and a pretty large dessert bar that I haven’t visited yet.

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Then we were off to see the Vikings cheerleaders perform for a crowd of soldiers. I then went back to my room for more writing and to pick which photos to send over to the Herald for the paper. I hope you like all the stories and photos so far and keep reading! Good night!