Jeremy Carolan — Austin City Council

Published 1:01 pm Sunday, November 6, 2016

Four candidates are in the home stretch for two seats on the Austin City Council. In the 1st Ward, incumbent Michael Jordal is seeking to hold off challenger Laura Helle. In the 3rd Ward, incumbent Jeremy Carolan is looking to hold off challenger Paul Fischer. Mayor Tom Stiehm and 2nd Ward Council member Steve King are also up for re-election, but both are unopposed.

Jeremy Carolan, 37, is the broker/owner of Carolan Homes LLC and a part-time firefighter for the city of Austin. He was born and raised in Austin and has been married for nine years and has four children.

Q: Why did you decide to run/rerun for Austin City Council?

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A: I want to continue to make a difference and help make decisions that affect our community. I feel it is important for all citizens to have a voice in their community. I was encouraged by my constituents to continue working on the council. I am trying to do my part to ensure that Austin continues to be a great place for families to live and business to grow and thrive.



Q: Tell us about your past experience.

A: I was elected to the Austin City Council in November 2012. I serve on the Port Authority, Blazing Star Trail Joint Powers Board and the Austin/Mower County Homeownership Board.

Q: What do you believe will make you a good board member?

A: Being able to listen to people’s views and consider other ideas and options and how those ideas affect my constituents. Respectfully work with the other council members and city leaders to accomplish goals to make Austin a better and safer community. I am honest and willing to give you my opinion, even if we disagree. I am also open to listening to what you have to say. It is important to have someone on the council that doesn’t say yes to everything. Even if the majority of the council moves forward, the no vote may help negotiate better terms. I try to look at all perspectives before making a decision.

Q: Describe how you would approach and consider issues on the council?

A: I am currently on the city council and am always open to suggestions and complaints from my constituents. I make a point to converse with as many of my constituents as possible either face to face, phone, or email before voting on a motion or resolution.

Q: Describe your approach to discussing and weighing budget, funding and spending issues as they come up.

A: The city needs to be fiscally responsible and be a good steward of tax revenue. We need to be mindful of our finances and plan for the future. My approach is conservative while still providing citizens the services needed to efficiently and effectively run the city.

Q: What things do you think can be done to improve the city?

A: I believe there has been improvement over the past few years but more can always be done. The city council recently moved forward with the Grow Austin Initiative and I am eager to see how this will positively affect business growth in our community. We are currently working on economic development incentives for new or expanding businesses.

The city and county also meet each quarter, we are always looking at different opportunities to become more efficient and improve services for the citizens. We need to continue to enforce current ordinances to make Austin a desirable place to live.

Q: What other issues would like to see addressed by the board and why?

A: It is important to promote growth in the population and employment opportunities. I also believe that it is important to keep the community a safe place to live while protecting property rights and keeping taxes affordable.

Q: What are some of your favorite hobbies?

A: I enjoy being outside, going hiking, camping, cycling, fishing, kayaking, canoeing and spending time with my family.

Q: What would we find you doing on a typical Friday night?

A: Spending time with my family or working on projects around the house.