Get outdoors and enjoy July in Austin

Published 9:41 am Wednesday, July 6, 2016

All I can say is take advantage of summertime and enjoy the fresh air! Here are some great cardio ideas outside the gym.

•Hiking: This is an awesome workout and the Hormel Nature Center is a great place to do it. Get off the paved paths and explore the prairie areas and all the wooded trails. The fire tower is located out in the prairie; climb up that maybe a couple of times. Walking on the irregular terrain is great for the core.

•Running/Biking: Getting off the treadmill and the stationary bike and use the bike trails that are available in Austin. Many people put their treadmill at a certain rpm and run for 30 minutes. Running outdoors the terrain will change along with the surface you run on. You may find yourself running or biking faster with the fresh air and the change in your surroundings.

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•Swimming: It’s great for the cardio and the muscles and the cool water feels good on a hot day. You don’t have to be swimmer to enjoy the water, you can run or walk in the shallow end, hold on to the side and do kicking, leg exercises or pushups. There are many pieces of equipment you can use in the water from kickboards, fins, noodles and belts.

Don’t forget about doing things with your friend’s basketball, volleyball, softball, soccer, badminton and other yard games. Summers are so short; get out and enjoy the beautiful weather in Austin.