Woodson staff take survey in next step of realignment

Published 7:00 pm Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Page assured the board that those areas will be determined as well as assuring that teachers will be involved in the upcoming process of determining that and other curriculum are in place when the realignment starts, which was a reason for putting off alignment to 2024 after the decision was made. So the district had time to make those plans.

It’s also why the survey portion is so important so that staff have an opportunity to work with individual school administration.

“Getting the chance to work with their new principal and get into their schools,” Page said. “Principals can start to lead those conversations.”

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Page also told the board, however, that some staff will take a little longer in getting placed because they are specialist positions.

During a work session of the Austin Public Schools Board Monday afternoon, the board received a report from Austin Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Joey Page regarding Woodson Kindergarten Center’s upcoming move to the elementary schools.

In June of this year, the board voted to approve moving kindergarten students from the center and splitting the classes among Austin’s four elementary schools. That vote came after a failed 4-3 vote prior to that after some on the board had concerns the move was coming to fast.

Page said Monday that the district is in the midst of determining how staff will be split when the realignment begins next school year and that a survey of Woodson staff was recently completed, asking staff where they would like to be stationed.

Now that the surveys are back, Page said that the next steps will be to determine where staff might be located so they can start working with the principals of those schools.

“Staff are anxious to know where they are going to be located,” Page said

Board member CeCe Kroc said she had still been hearing concerns as to curriculum, specifically play.

“The concern is because the areas the kindergartens will be aren’t set yet,” Kroc said. “They fear that part of the programming won’t be there.”