Reconnecting with community: Cedar Court holds grand reopening party

Published 7:00 pm Monday, September 11, 2023

“We want to partner with the community, partner with the schools,” Peck said. “How can we help schools and can we get young people to be able to understand what we do and why it’s so valuable.”

From the very beginning of Adams Health Care’s transition to Cedar Court, the aim has been to provide quality care to anybody. It’s one of the few establishments that can accept anybody by accepting waiver programs and Medicaid.

Peck said the faith-based push behind Cedar Court is about opening doors.

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“To meet people where they are at no matter where they are at,” Peck said. “We are not going to turn somebody away because they do not have the ability (to pay).”

Peck went on to say that early on in the transition, it was assumed by many that Cedar Court was nothing more than senior apartments. The truth is much more broad as the facility can accommodate most levels of care.

But it also goes further as Peck said that the facility has room for more and plans for the future hopefully will bear that out.

“We envision ourselves serving the community in many ways beyond,” she said.

While the last three years certainly haven’t been easy, it hasn’t stopped that planning from moving forward and the first part of those plans is simply adding more.

Cedar Court has risen to such a point that it now has more space for seniors as well as more room for staff.

Those moves, of course, will likely include the community because as Peck puts it, that relationship needs to be there in order for Cedar Court to reach its true potential.

“This is a small farming community,” she said. “There are a lot of strong family lines. We want to help keep that small town feel where everybody knows where they can go if they need something. We also want to be a place where people will know they can come, even if they don’t know how to handle and navigate this next chapter of life. That we at least will partner and even if we’re not able to help or fill that, that we can still support our community members.”

Some of those things that Cedar Court wants to establish aren’t simply speculative either. Everything from a coffee shop/bakery on the premises to pairing with Southland athletics are not only on the table, but are real goals for the future.

Goals that eventually come around to one final goal — ensuring that Cedar Court is as connected to the community of Adams as any other business.

“People stay in these small communities because they want that close knit environment of community,” Peck said.

Friday night’s celebration was a reflection of that spirit to rededicate that connection.

“We know where we’re going and we are motivated and super excited to involve anybody and everyone who wants to be a part of that,” Peck said.