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Grand Meadow Lions withdraw support for Meadowfest 2020

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Grand Meadow Lions have announced they will not continue to plan their Meadowfest 2020 events.

GM Lions member and Meadowfest Coordinator Greg Lamp announced the decision to the Grand Meadow City Council during its May 11 meeting.

“The Lions feel it would be irresponsible to continue planning efforts and that it would be disrespectful to other area communities to proceed with Meadowfest after they’ve cancelled their festivals in an effort to protect the health of their citizens,” Lamp said.

Meadowfest 2020 is scheduled for June 26-28.

Prior to their withdrawal, the GM Lions were planning the Grand Parade, BBQ meal, Bingo, Pedal Pull, Money Sand Pile and Kids’ Games.

Lamp said he reached out to other event chairs to inform them of the GM Lions’ decision.

“I quickly heard back from many event chairs that they’ll cease planning for this year’s festival,” he said. “While the Lions would prefer that all event chairs cancel their events, that decision will be left up to the individual organizations. They’ll be proceeding on their own if they choose to do so.”

Lamp called the decision “heart wrenching,” but said it “unquestionably had to be done.”

“I fully expect the community to have mixed feelings for the GM Lions’ Meadowfest decisions,” he said. “It’s only natural to feel some degree of disappointment in yet another event stolen from families over COVID, but we feel our actions are in the best interest of public health.”