Hulne: Weather will have an impact on playoffs

Published 6:36 pm Wednesday, February 13, 2019

As we wind down the final stretch of the winter sports season, the only thing certain is uncertainty.

With a rash of snowstorms and cold weather sending more athletes to the driveway to shovel snow than those who have been allowed to practice, things are certainly up in the air.

With girls basketball, team wrestling, gymnastics and boys hockey all beginning postseason play next week, there will be a lot of shuffling of lineups and preparation for area coaches.

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It’s tough enough to put your season on the line after a full season without any distractions, but this winter has gotten a little ridiculous. When students aren’t in school, it’s easy for them to lose focus and slip behind from where they were. The same is true for student athletes, who must now try to pick up where they left off without a lot of momentum on their side.

While this is far from ideal, it will be a big test of competitiveness and achievement for all teams involved. Adversity is the ultimate test of character and it doesn’t get much more adverse than trying to jam in a bunch of rescheduled contests on the brink of the postseason.

Prepare for a wild ride in the next few weeks.