Polly Glynn – MC Board of Commissioners, District 2

Published 11:13 am Friday, November 4, 2016

Four candidates are vying for two seats on the Mower County Board of Commissioners. In District 1, incumbent Tim Gabrielson is looking to hold off newcomer James Williams. Two familiar faces return in District 2, as Polly Glynn looks to win a second term by defeating Ray Tucker, who she ousted by 61 votes in 2012 after he’d served 16 years on the board.



Polly Glynn

Polly Glynn, 69, is seeking her second term. She’s retired as president of LeRoy’s Farmers State Merchant Bank and lives in Grand Meadow. She is married with three sons, three daughters-in-law and nine grandchildren.

Q: Why did you decide to run for a seat on the Mower County board?

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A: I have loved my position as District 2 Mower County Commissioner the last 4 years and wanted to continue to serve my constituents to the best of my ability.

Q: Tell us about your past experience.

A: My career background is in agriculture finance and working with farmers. I also served on the Grand Meadow School Board, several of those years as chairman. I have served on a variety of boards over my lifetime.

Q: What do you believe will make you a good board member?

A: I felt after 35 years working  with farmers, I would be able to advocate on their behalf. Finance is an integral part of county government. My position as President of the bank and financing a variety of loans, I understand what works and what does not. I feel I have shown that I work well with others and understand the importance of compromise.

Q: Describe how you would approach and consider issues on the board?

A: It is very important to respect everyone’s opinion and position on all issues. Listening is a lost art and yet an easy way to weigh the pros and cons. I enjoy hearing everyone’s view and sometimes, that is demonstrated very loudly but to me that shows how passionate the issue may be. You need to use a “filter” to get to the basics and then make the best decision based on the information given.

Q: Mower County has long faced shortfalls in transportation funding and has a half-cent sales tax for roads set to take effect in 2018. How would you like to best address road concerns?

A: Transportation i.e. roads and bridges are in dire need of repair and replacement and adequate funding to do so. We need the support of legislators in approving a good transportation bill. We are considering enacting the half cent sales which would be project specific. To help with the gap, we have dedicated the wheelage tax and the Pleasant Valley Wind tax to road and bridge budget. We can not continue to kick the can down the road, it is crucial to address this problem now.

Q: Describe your approach to discussing and weighing budget, funding and spending issues as they come up.

A: I currently serve on the Finance Committee and I take my role very seriously. We look closely at “wants and needs” and weigh them heavily against the annual levy. We understand that there will always be unplanned items that pop up each year so we need to maintain reserves as directed by County Auditors.

Q: What things do you think can be done to improve the county?

A: I am proud to serve on the Mower County Board and feel our chemistry is good. We always have our ears to the ground to meet and address any possible concerns that may arise. There is always room for improvement.

Q: What other issues would like to see addressed by the board and why?

A: My district is all small cities and agriculture so my heart is with their issues. Most are concerned with good infrastructure in order to get their products to market. We also have more people living away from their jobs and must have safe roads for their commute. I enjoy my job and want to be able to continue addressing any issues that arise.

Q: What are some of your favorite hobbies?

A: I enjoy crafts, baking, reading and listening to books, and watching my grandchildren in their activities.

Q: What would we find you doing on a typical Friday night?

A: Watching and cheering on Grand Meadow Superlark football!