We want to hear your stories, Austin

Published 5:01 pm Sunday, November 1, 2015

If you’ve seen the latest edition of Austin Living, you likely know that the leadership behind the magazine has changed. With former magazine editor Trey Mewes departing for a new opportunity, Eric Johnson and myself have taken over as co-editors of the only magazine focused on telling Austin and Mower County’s stories.

With the change in leadership, we thought it was a good time to reach out to our readers. We’re opening the door for you to send in story ideas to Eric and myself.

What’s worth sending in as a story idea? Really, we’ll listen to just about any idea, but that’s not an overly helpful answer for you. Here’s a bit of guidance and direction to get the idea bank going:

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•People: We want the magazine to tell as many stories of interesting Austin people as possible. If you know a great person with a great story, send them our way. Maybe they volunteer more than anyone you know or have a secret skill that drives you wild with jealousy. Maybe they have a great collection or a unique hobby. Maybe they’ve overcame adversity or have a cool job. Whatever the case, let us know.

•Trips: Have you or a friend been on the trip of a lifetime, or do you take an annual family trip? We’d love to tell your story.

•Your space: We love showcasing the places you call home, whether it’s a great house, apartment, car, man cave, barn or basement. Whether it’s a garden for the ages or a great home office space, we want to share the spaces that make you tick.

•Places and eats: We want to know about the Austin places where you love to shop, chow down and sip a brew. Maybe it’s a favorite food or a little-known food on the menu.

•Lessons: What kind of things do you want to learn about? Do you know an Austin expert in a certain field?

•Off the wall ideas: In the last few years, we’ve enjoyed trying new things. And at least for me, it’s often the stories that feel like the biggest risks that turn out to be the most memorable. The most memorable was Austin Expression, a literary magazine portion of our July-August issue that featured fiction, poetry and art. Another that sticks out is a singles section we put out early this year. We’re always up for trying something new.

You can give your story ideas to me at 507-434-2235 or at jason.schoonover@austindailyherald.com. You can also submit them to Eric at 507-434-2237 or at photodesk@austindailyherald.com.

We’re looking to feature man caves

Maybe you’re a sports fan, maybe you’re a movie or concert buff. We’re looking for any guy out there who happens to have a killer man cave. It can be dedicated to just a fantastic sporting experience or taking in the latest big budget action movie. Heck, it could look like a saloon. If you are interested in letting us come in and do a story please let us know. Call or email our editors: Eric Johnson (507-434-2237, photodesk@austindailyherald.com) or Jason Schoonover (507-434-2235, jason.schoonover@austindailyherald.com)

Sends us your hunting photos

Austin Living is hunting for your best hunting photos. Have a trophy you want to share, then send it to photodesk@austindailyherald.com. Please include name of the hunter or anybody else who is in the picture, when it was taken and where. Submissions should be sent by Nov. 15.