Mower Refreshed: Harness energy for positive change in ’15

Published 9:23 am Wednesday, January 7, 2015

“Train your mind to see the good in every situation” — Unknown

What changes have you experienced in 2014? Some of the changes have been of your choosing while others have been possibly a complete surprise or a change you would never have desired. Regardless, change still occurs. Knowing that life is full of transitions doesn’t necessarily make it any easier, in fact for some it can create anxiety, especially when the change is perceived as a threat.

How we respond to changes at work, in the community, in our families, or the location of our favorite cereal in the grocery store aisle impacts our health. The small changes and how we adapt to the little inconveniences actually train our minds on how to react when a larger change, especially one out of our control, occurs. We create patterns, or habits on how much energy we are willing to give to the emotion of change versus energy towards the act of transitioning itself.

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From the time we were toddlers, life was training us for transition; milk to solid foods, diapers to toilet training, all preparing us for adaption to a new normal. Some of us may have fussed more than others during these key transitions but that didn’t change the fact that the transition occurred, it just meant some expended much more physical and emotional energy than their counterparts!

In 2015 changes will come our way. Some of us will plan for changes; even thrive on the change process. Many may determine to change a behavior in the new year. Walking more, spending less, saving more, eating less are common changes individuals strategically plan for as they transition into a new year. These strategies can be effective in improving wellness, but even more powerful may be the idea of shifting perspective on how we view change itself. How is your mind trained to respond during transition, impacting your physical, mental, and emotional energy? Energy into things we can’t change and feeling trapped or energy into making the transition with grace and integrity, seeing the change as having a bigger purpose, new opportunities to grow. Where we spend our energy will impact our health as individuals and as a community. Spend wisely.

Wellness Wednesday tip

Making a decision? Pause to consider all your options and the impact, the unintended consequences, especially on your health and the wellness of those around you.

 “It’s better to go slowly in the right direction than go speeding off in the wrong direction.” — Simon Sinek