Holiday console guide 2014: Nintendo Wii U

Published 8:33 am Sunday, November 2, 2014

It’s past Halloween, and for better or worse, that means it’s time to think about Christmas shopping.

Over the next few weeks, I’m going to break down some of the best games on the market for each console for that special gamer in your life. Christmas comes but once a year, and there are a lot of games to choose from when it comes to getting gifts for loved ones.

This week, we’re focusing on arguably the most well-rounded console on the market: the Nintendo Wii U. You can pick up a Wii U console for as low as $249 for an 8 GB system, but I would recommend looking into one of the $300 console bundles with 32 GB of memory, like the “Mario Kart 8” or “Super Mario 3D World” bundles.

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Let’s look at the games, however Some of them are already available:

 “Mario Kart 8”: Rated E, available now

Arguably the biggest reason to pick up a Wii U, “Mario Kart 8” is a fun racing game that’s family friendly and online friendly. Though adult gamers have lamented the Wii U’s lack of online chat options, that quality helps make this amazingly addictive series safe for everyone to play whenever you want. Definitely a must-buy game for any Wii U console.

 “Super Smash Bros. for the Nintendo Wii U”: Rated E-10+, available Nov. 21

The other huge reason to buy a Wii U this year, “Super Smash Bros.” its an incredible platform fighting game that’s also highly addictive, crazy fun and great for the family. There’s a reason why “Super Smash Bros.” is one of the most highly praised fighting games on the market, and all the characters from various Nintendo properties can expose players to other fun games to check out.

“Bayonetta 2”: Rated M, available now

This Wii U-exclusive action title revolves around a sexy witch who must travel through hell to save her friend’s soul. The sequel to the sultry “Bayonetta,” made by the people who worked on the “Devil May Cry” series, has earned rave reviews for its over-the-top action gameplay and crazy fights. It’s a game for older players, however.

“Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze”: Rated E, available now

The “Donkey Kong Country” series is renowned for its fun platforming gameplay, which can get pretty difficult at times. This latest game earned positive reviews for its incredible design and playability earlier this year and will likely be a classic for the Wii U over time. It’s also family friendly, which makes this game a good choice for young players.

“The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD”: Rated E-10+, available now

This remake of a classic Zelda game is a great get for the Wii U. “The Legend of Zelda” is a fun, acclaimed puzzle/action series and “The Wind Waker” is one of the best titles in the series. It’s another relatively safe game for players of any age, which makes it perfect for any gamer.

If none of these games seem appealing, check out titles like “Pikmin 3,” “Hyrule Warriors,” “The Wonderful 101,” “Just Dance 2015” and “Disney INFINITY” for more ideas.

—Look to the Herald over the next few weeks as we cover more consoles and titles for discerning buyers this holiday season.