Work environment has key impact on wellness

Published 10:22 am Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The environments we work in is a factor that significantly impact our overall health. At the core is understanding that we can have a direct influence on the environments we spend time in, we don’t have to wait for a wellness program at work to be developed or be offered a “carrot,” we can begin in our own little cubicle to create an environment that makes well-being the cultural norm.

Since work occupies many hours of our week (whether you work from home or a work site) it’s important to be honest about the environments we spend significant time in and how it impacts our health both physically and mentally. Intentionally choosing to positively influence your environment goes far beyond a New Year’s wellness challenge which we’ve likely abandoned now that it’s July. Resolutions or goals are too difficult to reach or maintain when we don’t adapt the environments/conditions we exist in daily, creating spaces that make healthier choices easier and more accessible.

This could simply mean:

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—planning with intention about meals you will eat during your work day.

—creating an environment in your workspace that speaks to wellness.

—determining what snacks you might have in your desk or car when you need a quick bite to eat.

—investing time and energy in relationships to foster healthy communication.

—choosing to be the positive influence at work, home or school.

The key to these few examples is the verb, the action that is required of us all to change our environments. Notice also what the examples listed above “feel” like; positively focusing our energy on what we can do to improve conditions rather than the things we can’t control.

Taking charge of adapting your daily environments, being intentional about small ways you can improve your work space is significant step to increasing the likelihood creating a work culture where wellness is second nature. This bigger picture focus makes worksite wellness programs a bonus but doesn’t look for them to necessarily drive health improvement, the culture of wellness drives those improvements in a much more sustainable manner.

Does your work environment foster conditions that speak wellness in meetings, break room or communications such as email? How are you being the change agent to create environments at work to be more wellness-focused? Shifting the work culture can begin with you!

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