Gifts of time, effort have far-reaching value

Published 10:18 am Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Sandy Anderson

Mower Refreshed

‘Tis the season for giving. Seeking out the perfect gift for those we care for and enjoying the gifts we receive have become a significant focus for this time of the year. The anticipation of giving and receiving fuels joy and at times stress. Lack of time, finances and creativity can damper the holiday cheer. Mower Refreshed and the community engagement it is built upon have received many gifts of time, talent and energy in the past year.

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Sustainable gifts are those that continue to exist through time, have lasting impact and are meant to re-gift so to speak. Gifts that sustain are not typically one ones we can hold in our hands but are the intangible gifts that change our outlook, lifestyles and possibly life direction. Gifts of time, energy, and skills are resources that are difficult to put a dollar amount on but have the power to impact others near and far.

Volunteering of your time to organizations in our county as a gift this season to honor someone you love is an example of a sustainable gift. Whatever time you gift away is time that impacts the lives of others potentially in ways that change the very course of their lives.

The gift of time never needs to be returned or exchanged and never goes out of style. Isolation and loneliness run high in the winter months, creating special challenges for most of us to maintain a sense of mental fitness. The gift of your presence may be the very present needed by those close to you, your community and even yourself. Think sustainable this season; give a gift worthy of re-gifting!