Crank it up: No more ban

Published 11:08 am Sunday, December 1, 2013

This is a response to an Aug. 11 Listen in on air travel. You can find the original story here.

When it comes to air travel, ignorance is bliss — or at least more comfortable.

I flew last weekend to visit a friend and his family in Tennessee, and I was pleased — OK, I’ll admit: I was elated — to learn Delta Airlines allowed the use of personal electronic devices on my flights to and from Atlanta.

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The Federal Aviation Administration recently reversed its rule banning airline travelers from using electronic devices during takeoff and landing — a long lambasted rule that, quite frankly, many people ignored. Now, airlines and companies are all loosening the grip.

On the tail end of the Thanksgiving holiday week that sees millions traveling on commercial airlines, it’s a good time to pause and appreciate the regulation change.

For nervous air travelers like myself, music and any distraction is vital to a stress-free flight, especially during takeoff and landing.

I, along with the airline and passengers sitting next to me, benefit when people can throw on headphones and block out most of the noise of the plane.

I openly admit I am no expert in air travel, cell signals or anything involved in the minutia of the FAA’s decision, so I’m hesitant to get on a soapbox and call the former devices ban idiotic, as many others have. But, most people would agree if someone could disrupt plane communication and instrumentation by listening to music or playing Tetris on a cell phone, that probably would have been a sign of other, more serious problems. That’s a good reason why most are calling this a commonsense decision, something that’s hard to argue with.