Christmas Special: From the North Pole to Austin

Published 10:20 am Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Mary Elf talks to a child at a previous Christmas in the City. Herald file photo

Mary Elf talks to a child at a previous Christmas in the City. Herald file photo

Austin’s favorite elf, Mary Elf, talks to the Herald about her thoughts on Christmas, Santa and safety this year.

One of Santa’s helpers and Austin’s best-known elf, Mary Elf has been busy at the North Pole again this year. Mary Elf says she lives five miles south of the North Pole, in Elfville. She said it’s 0 degrees longitude and 60 degrees latitude, but then again, she’s not sure. She’s more well versed in making toys and focusing on safety.

Q: How long have you been coming to Austin?

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A: Oh, many, many years. I have no idea. It’s been a long time. I’ve been coming to Austin from the North Pole for many, many years.


Q: What have you been working on this year?

A: Well, I am the elf that makes the skis, the bikes, the snowboards — all those fun toys. But we never go out without wearing our helmets. It’s very important to the elves and everybody. Even Santa himself always wears a helmet.

Q: What’s it like at the North Pole this time of year?

A: Oh, it’s very busy, very busy at the North Pole. It’s not just making the bikes and toys, but it’s also trying them out, demonstrating and trying out the helmets, making sure your helmets fit right. And the perfect gift is always a helmet.

Q: What is Mrs. Claus like?

A: She’s very fun, very busy, very organized. She makes sure sure to organize, always has the right food, and for the reindeer; makes sure everything is packed right. They have Gatorade and water, vegetables … We appreciate the cookies and the milk, but she also packs a good lunch so Santa doesn’t get dehydrated out on the big night, and the reindeer also.

Q: How has Austin girls’ and boys’ behavior been this year?

A: We always have to work on that. It’s always very important. Always help around the house, especially this time of year, and help out your neighbors. The elves are always watching. It’s always kind of fun to keep track of how many helpful deeds you’ve done around the house, or the neighborhood, but always ask your parents. Ask you mom if that’s the project that hse would like to have done. Maybe surprise those moms and dads and show them how helpful you can be around the house this time of year, and all through the year is important, as well.

And it’s always important to say “please” and “thank you.”

Q: Who is your favorite reindeer?

A: Well, of course it’s rudolph, because he’s so full of mischief, and you never know what to expect of him. And he always tries to keep the other reindeer in line and plays the reindeer games with others.

They’re busy. They have a big night that night, and they have to make sure they’re in tip-top shape, just like children and people. They are active. It’s good to be outside and get some exercise, just like Santa does, even though he may not look like it. He practices all year round. They’re always practicing and staying in tip-top shape.

Q: How hard is Christmas Eve for Santa?

A: By the end of the night, he’s worked so hard. He comes back a little thin, actually. He loses some weight that night. That’s why Mrs. Claus always makes sure he has the right food and drinks that night.