NFL Picks: Vikings score a rare win

Published 11:11 am Friday, November 8, 2013

As I watched the Vikings hold off the Redskins last night, a couple of thoughts were going through my mind. First off, Christian Ponder played a heck of a second half. He even looked good for a stretch.

When Ponder made a running throw for a first down and then ran the ball on to the goal line on the next play, I started to jokingly text one of my friends that Ponder was starting to look to John Elway.

Of course before I could finish the text, Ponder was leaving the game with an injury. That just seems to be his luck and that seems to be the Vikings’ luck.

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Then on Washington’s final drive, Vikings’ head coach Leslie Frazier seemed to forget which team he was coaching as he called not one, but two timeouts to help the Redskins on their final drive. Maybe he was assuming the Redskins would score and was trying to save time for the Vikings’ to get a chance to score. But when Washington is scrambling to run plays and they don’t have any timeouts left, you have to trust your defense.

The sight of Greg Jennings flipping out as Frazier called the second timeout was priceless. I can only imagine what was going through Jennings’ mind at that time. I don’t want to say he wishes he would’ve stayed in Green Bay, because the Vikings are paying him a lot, but he had to be thinking that Minnesota is a lot worse than he thought they were when he signed there.

In the end the Vikings gave their fans a home win and hurt their draft pick position at the same time.- leaving their fans with elation and disappointment.

Here are the picks:

Philadelphia at Green Bay

I heard plenty of people making the joke last week that the Packers with Seneca Wallace are just like the Vikings and I have to agree with them. But it’s easy to forget that the Packers weren’t just missing Aaron Rodgers in that game. Randall Cobb and Jermichael Finley were long gone and James Jones looked to be still coming back from hi injury.

Unfortunately for the Pack, Finley isn’t coming back this year and Cobb won’t be back for a few more weeks, but I’m holding out hope that Wallace will play a lot better with a week of practice with the first stringers.

I also think the entire Green Bay team was shell shocked after Rodgers went down, because their defense is certainly better than that, especially with Clay Matthews set to return this week.

I don’t feel safe at all with this pick, but I think Green Bay makes a big stand this week.


Jacksonville at Tennessee

The Jagaurs might go this entire season without a win. In fact, that might be their goal.


Buffalo at Pittsburgh

It’s hard to picture the Steelers as a team with a mediocre offense and awful defense, but that’s what they’ve become. E.J. Manuel is set to come back for the Bills this week and he will give them a boost.


St. Louis at Indianapolis

The Rams are just good enough to trick you into thinking they can beat good teams. They’re front four can pressure the pressure and Zach Stacy has emerged as a solid running back.

But they’re flaws outnumber their strengths as quarterback is a major weakness and their secondary, while very confident, is young and inexperienced.


Seattle at Atlanta

The Falcons can really only move the ball through the air, and the Seahawks may be the hardest team to pass on in the league.


Cincinnati at Baltimore

The Bengals are simply the better team here.


Detroit at Chicago

The Lions don’t tend to play very well outside when the temperatures dip and the Bears now have their sights on the NFC North crown after Rodgers went down last week.


Carolina at San Francisco

This is a good matchup and the Panthers have quietly ran up their record to 5-3. If Cam Newton can make big throws under pressure, the Panthers have a chance, but I just can’t pick against the 49ers at home.


Houston at Arizona

The Texans don’t really have a lot to play for at this point and Arizona has an outside chance at the playoffs.


Denver at San Diego

The Broncos don’t have their head coach for this one, but they did have a bye week to make the proper adjustments. The Chargers are good enough to make this a game, but not good enough to win it.

Dallas at New Orleans

The Saints are tough to beat in the dome and I don’t see the Cowboys doing it.


Miami at Tampa Bay

The Bucs also are on a quest to go winless. They had a big lead against Seattle and then watched it slip away. It didn’t seem to bother them too much.


Last week: 8-3

Overall: 79-50