Final Minnesota Beatle Project album is a state sample platter

Published 11:04 am Sunday, November 24, 2013

The fifth and final volume of the Minnesota Beatle Project plays like a Minnesota sample platter.

Yes, Vol. 5, out Dec. 3, features all covers of songs written and made famous by The Beatles, but all the Minnesota musicians add their own unique flavor and style to the classics.

The albums play as much like an introduction to Minnesota musicians as an album of Beatles covers.

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The album opens with Actual Wolf’s rich, yet restrained rendition of “Your Mother Should Know,” the poppy Paul McCartney-penned song off “Magical Mystery Tour.”

From there, the album takes a soulful turn with Zoo Animal’s “Dig a Pony.”

The album spans the map of Minnesota stylings, with indie renditions like “She Said She Said” performed by Carroll and a rocking version of “I Feel Fine” by Gary Burger.

The album includes some more bold covers, like The Scrub’s version of “Taxman” that sounds like a hybrid of Dr. John and William Shatner. Polica bassist Chris Bierden turns “Because” into a loop-driven blend of electronics. Meme adds pop/dance feels to “Here, There and Everywhere” off the 1966 album “Revolver” and written by Paul McCartney. Meme singer Lizzie Brown’s ethereal voice floats across the music’s subdued pop and dance rhythms.

The album ends on a more relaxed note, with The Okee Dokee Brothers’ bluegrass version of “Mother Nature’s Son,” and The Cactus Blossoms, who performed at Austin’s Paramount Theatre in October, with 1950s-sounding western take on “That Boy.”

The Denfeld High School Jazz Band wraps up the album with “Please Please Me,” showcasing some of the young musicians such an album helps.

From start to finish, “Minnesota Beatle Project Vol. 5” features the Fab Four’s songs done Minnesota style.

Each Minnesota musician adds his or her own voice and interpretation.