Embracing the love of running

Published 10:17 am Tuesday, May 28, 2013

How I love to run. I started running in college and generally run three miles five to six days a week.

In my 30s I started to run five miles five to six days a week. When I moved back to Austin 10 years ago, I was still running that five-mile track. During that time I had ran a few 5Ks and a 10K, but my 40s brought on new challenges. It was the time that I started training and competing in half marathons and marathons. I had the opportunity and blessing to run with my daughter in her first marathon in 2010, and this past April we ran together in a half marathon in St. Cloud.

Here is some information that I wanted to share with you about running.

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Running inside or out: Weather here in Minnesota from snow and cold temperatures, wind and downpours has many of us pushed indoors on the treadmill or the track. However, most of us should get outside as often as possible. The fresh air and the change of scenery will help pass the time more quickly. If you are planning to run in a race, you need to get outdoors so you can adapt to the effects of the weather and the terrain.

Watch or no watch: If I’m out running for the pleasure of a run I don’t wear my watch. If I am training for a race, I definitely have my watch on. I like to know my pace and where I am with my distance.

With someone or on my own: I use to run by myself for almost 20 years. When I moved back to Austin and made new friendships, those individuals were runners too. We got together two days a week and ran. Running with someone is great because they may push you to run longer, faster or on that day that you don’t want to go but you know they are waiting on you. Remember to run with someone who is right for you. I do like the times when I go out alone and can do my own thing, maybe a time where I just want to be with my own thoughts and music.



The second annual Y Kids Triathlon is on June 8. This is a non-competitive event allowing kids to have fun and try out different disciplines. Life jackets and training wheels are allowed, and bike helmets are required. Parents can be with the kids throughout the event. Cost is $15 per child and $10 per additional child.


New Spamtown Triathlon

The first ever sprint triathlon is coming up. The swim portion of the tri will take place in the Y pool, while bike and run will be outdoors. You can compete as individuals or as two or three person teams. (all male, all female or co-ed). The event is chip timed. The cost is $50 Individual before June 15 and $70 after June 15. Cost is $60 for teams before June 15 and $80 after June 15.