Son of jazz greats can hold his own

Published 10:22 am Thursday, June 21, 2012

Ravi Coltrane may be the son of jazz royalty, but he’s carrying on the torch in his own way.

Ravi, the son of jazz legend John Coltrane and the more obscure but talented Alice Coltrane, continues the family tradition on his latest release “Spirit Fiction.”

Jazz has long been a genre that celebrated the musicians that stretched the boundaries: Charlie Parker, Miles Davis, and both Ravi’s parents certainly fit that bill.

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Ravi, a saxophonist like his father, may not break jazz boundaries on “Spirit Fiction” like his parents did, but he comfortably and creatively explores the genre’s vast expanses on his latest release.

On multiple tracks, the saxophonist pays homage to his father’s style without copying.

Since John died when Ravi was 2, he’s said he learned about his father through listening to his music and talking to musicians who played with him. Listening to “Spirit Fiction,” it’s clear the inspiration of listening to his father guided his music, but Ravi has been able to form his own style.