It’s too late to apologize

Published 2:23 pm Friday, July 29, 2011

So James Harrison says he’s sorry.

But does he mean it?

Not too long after the Steelers linebacker came out and went on a name calling tirade against NFL commissioner Roger Goodell to Men’s Journal, Harrison had a ‘public apology’ where he told the public he was sorry for what he said about the commish.

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Harrison went on to say that he hasn’t spoken to Goodell at this time.

Harrison is not the first celebrity or athlete to pull this stunt and I still don’t get it.

If you’re sorry for something, go to the actual person and apologize them, don’t hold a press conference and apologize to a bunch of reporters.

If I did something bad to my wife or friend, I wouldn’t call the local TV station and apologize to a news anchor, I would talk to whomever I was apologizing to.

The reason Harrison hasn’t talked to Goodell is probably because he’s not really sorry. So why hold the charade?

Just stand by your words and take the consequences.

Goodell had already said he wasn’t going to suspend any players for statements they made – only for crimes committed.

If Harrison does apologize face-to-face or over the phone to the commish, then I take back my criticism.

But until he does this, this is just another PR move from a famous person.