Student standout: Paul Johnson

Published 2:33 pm Friday, April 15, 2011

Paul Johnson is a junior at Grand Meadow. -- Eric Johnson/

Grand Meadow junior Paul Johnson

Paul Johnson can often be seen on the sidelines of Grand Meadow sporting events, taking pictures for the school’s yearbook.

It’s a hobby that has taken off for Johnson who admits he’s been pretty casual in his shooting.

“I’ve really gotten into it the last couple of years,” Johnson said. “I’ve had a casual interest for quite awhile.”

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Outside of the school, Johnson looks for interesting subjects that catch his eye.

“I like taking a picture of something that you don’t usually see from a different point of view,” he said.

Johnson doesn’t think he’ll make this a profession, but he has no plans to stop taking pictures.

“Probably just as a hobby,” Johnson said.