Staying alive during a Minn. winter

Published 12:28 pm Friday, November 12, 2010

I have split personalities when it comes to Minnesota winters.

On one hand, I dread the dangerous driving conditions and the frigid temperatures that cause my body to stiffen up for six months at a time. On the other hand, I get giddy at the thought of winter sports and enjoy sitting in a warm place while looking out the window at a beautiful snowfall.

I imagine I’m like most in Minnesotans in this respect. On days when the temperatures drop below zero and blizzards keep us from attending anticipated events, most all of us have wondered why the heck we’ve chosen to live in a place that, if left outside without the proper attire, would kill us.

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But those thoughts seem to disappear when we’re celebrating a white Christmas with our loved ones and enjoying hot apple cider or a good chamomile tea — that’s the way it is for me, anyway.

While my heart mainly belongs to the summer, some of my fondest memories have been created in the winter. A few years ago a friend and I drove out in a snowstorm to Stella’s, a cute wine bar and restaurant in Battle Lake, Minn., for a night of good food and great acoustic music. I’ll never forget the feeling I had, lounging in a cozy setting, enjoying good company, great music and watching the snow fall outside.

Then there are the winter sports that just can’t be beat. For me, it’s snowboarding. Since I was 13, I’ve hit the slopes each and every year. When I strap on my bindings for the first run of the season, I’m instantly thankful for snow and can’t imagine not having the sport in my life.

So while I cringed this week when I discovered snow was on the way, I’m sure my feelings will reverse as I look out my window to witness snowflakes transform Austin into a winter wonderland. With that said, bring on the snow — I guess.