Taking the fear out of biking

Published 2:32 pm Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A few weeks ago, I wrote about my frustration with motorists — mainly the motorists who throw pop bottles at bikers.

While I’m still a bit miffed about the whole situation (see last blog) I am pleased to report that, since then, I have not had any garbage of any sort thrown at me.

Now that’s a reason to smile.

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On Saturday, I set out to Owatonna on my bike (no, I didn’t actually make it that far, but close). Along the ride, I fully expected some sort of shenanigans to go down at my expense. A few hours into the ride, I realized I was on the defense, wincing with every car that drove by. This is no way to live, I learned.

The weather on Saturday was gorgeous — a perfect day for a bike ride. As I cruised along the shoulder, I felt blessed to be enjoying  the warm weather and beautiful views. I was glad my last long distance biking experience didn’t stop me from braving the harsh roads of Highway 218 once again.

This, I thought, could be applied to a lot of situations in life. While it’s smart to be cautious, it’s important to not let fears get in the way of amazing opportunities that could be lying just ahead.

Sure, they can throw their pop bottles at me, but they can’t take away my freedom.