Welcome back Mr. Favre

Published 6:06 pm Thursday, August 19, 2010

As a Packer fan, you’d think Brett Favre coming back to play in Minnesota would anger me.

He had a great season last year and he gives the Vikings the best chance to win.

But unless the Vikings win that elusive Super Bowl, I’ve got no hard feelings against No. 4. After all, he’s kind of making a mockery out of my least favorite team in the NFL.

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It’s quite humorous that Vikings ‘coach’ Brad Childress would excuse three players in the middle of training camp, cover up that absence by having assistant coaches say those players weren’t going, and then welcome Favre with open arms after Favre has reportedly said he doesn’t trust Childress.

I never thought I’d see a player coach, but the Vikings have basically given that responsibility to a guy who made a career off of beating them over the years. The guy who represented the green and gold for years is now running the Vikings.

Let’s look back at how we got here.

The great Favre shows up in Minnesota last season and leads them on a run reminiscent of what Randall Cunningham and Jeff George did before him. He makes all the big throws, racks up some big wins in the regular season and leads the purple past the dreaded Cowboys, who still haven’t won a playoff game since Troy Aikman, Michael Irvin and Emmit Smith were there.

Then he goes to New Orleans and has his team on the cusp of glory before allowing a 12-man in the huddle (sorry but that’s usually on the QB) before throwing a pick that spurred the Saints on their way to the Super Bowl Title.

Mind you Favre played this entire game without too much hampering, but when the offseason comes we hear about his dreaded ‘ankle’ injury. Much like the ‘shoulder’ injury he had the year before with the Jets, it’s too much and Favre may not be able to come back.

A report leaks that he has retired to all major news networks and it runs for a solid 24 hours.

Then something funny happens. The Vikings throw an extra $3.5 million dollars with $3.5 million in incentives at him and he’s now thinking about coming back.

Finally, the great one makes his presence felt in Vikings practice after being begged left and right by a desperate organization.

How bad was Favre’s ankle? We’ll never know for sure, but he said he wants to get on the field as soon as possible.

If the ankle is fine, then, Favre basically held out (much like Darrelle Revis of the Jets) for more money and got his way immediately.

Meanwhile the likes of Adrian Peterson and Sidney Rice, are still playing out their rookie contracts and the team hasn’t given them anything extra.

Is it a coincidence those two have been ‘banged up’ and have missed plenty of practice time this summer? Maybe and maybe not; maybe they’re just following the way of their leader.

If Favre has another big season for the purple this season, it can’t hurt Packer fans any worse than it did last year. But if he loses the team’s respect and his 2010 season brings down the Vikings’ hopes, that’ll be something the Green and Gold faithful would rather enjoy watching.