Sewer project plans in the wrong

Published 9:35 am Thursday, June 24, 2010

Who is the City of Austin, Minn.?

You are, I am, we are.

Our elected mayor and councilmen think that they are the rulers of our city and that we, the people, are nothing but sheep to fleece and do as they say we must do.

Why do we allow mistake after mistake to go on that bury us into more debt that they impose more taxes on us to pay for the mistakes they make? At the city meeting of June 21, about the proposed assessments for sewer to be placed upon some of the people without so much as a kiss … our leaders printed a stack of bull biscuit half-truths, a scare-tactic article (that the) Cedar River is the fifth most endangered river, that doesn’t mention that the Cedar River is polluted long before it reaches Lansing or Ramsey Park. This is not right! This is wrong.

I think they have spent $180,000 of your money to try and get their proposed project on their agenda. Should I mention a fact that they knowingly are in direct violation of state law, Minnesota Statute 429? Our mayor was enlightened about this by the mayor of Red Wing, Minn., before the meeting and during the meeting and, sad to say, our mayor didn’t truly care. Why?

United we stand, so let’s unite.