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Girlfriend sentenced after slashing incident with boyfriend

An Austin woman who slashed her boyfriend during an argument was sentenced Friday on counts of making terroristic threats and property damage.

As part of a previous plea deal, however, Juana Viviana Lopez, 21, was not sentenced on the most serious charge she faced, a single count of felony second-degree assault with a dangerous weapon.

According to a court complaint, officers arrived to the couple’s residence on the evening of Oct. 17 and found shards of broken glass from windows smashed out of the boyfriend’s truck.

The boyfriend, 32, said Lopez had used a kitchen knife to slash him across the back. Officers noticed a 12- to 14-inch cut on his shoulder blades, as well as bite marks to his chest and an injury to his eye.

The knife was located in the street, the complaint states.

He said Lopez had come over to pick up a child the couple had together. He said she is mad that he is still married to a woman living in Mexico and that she attacked him while he was sleeping.

The boyfriend fled while Lopez allegedly yelled, “I’m going to kill you,” the complaint states. She then allegedly smashed his car with a baseball bat, before later biting him in the chest and punching him in the eye.

The next day, Lopez called police and said the boyfriend had instigated the fight by calling her vulgar names and pulling her hair. She also said he slammed her arm in a door. Officers documented bruising to her forearm, according to the complaint.

Lopez did admit, however, to using the knife to attack her boyfriend, the complaint states.