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Hormel sues New Hampshire company

Hormel Foods Corp. is suing a New Hampshire company for failing to provide services and not returning confidential information.

According to court documents filed May 6, Hormel paid Ferrite Co. Inc. half of the costs — $15,000 — for a hog stunning system in September of 2008.

Though Hormel paid half the costs, Ferrite failed to perform the tasks outlined in the agreement, court documents state. Hormel repealed the agreement in March of last year and asked for a refund of the $15,000 deposit. Despite repeated requests, Ferrite hasn’t refunded the deposit.

On top of the money, Ferrite has also failed to return Hormel’s confidential, proprietary and trade secret information.

Hormel is seeking a minimum of $30,000 in damages, and further amounts could be sought for damages because of Ferrite’s failure to return and account for the confidential information. Further amounts will be presented at the trial, the court documents state.

Ferrite is based out of Nashua, N.H. The company manufactures microwave heating systems and components.