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Scottish band walks the line, but comes out ahead with debut

Published 5:30pm Saturday, August 11, 2012

“Django Django” by Django Django — 4 of 5 stars

Django Django’s self-titled album starts off like something out of a 1980s science fiction film.

The opening’s menacing synthesizers sounds like they should be playing as a camera pans over a distant world.

But instead of building to sci-fi creature, Django Django blossoms into it’s own world of psychedelic pop.

When the bright guitars finally kick in on “Hail Bop” after the prolonged introduction, the sound is already set up as other-worldly, and the transition will leave listeners rewinding to hear it again.

For the rest of the way, it’s Django Django’s land, and they’re in full control, infusing the pop with vocal harmonies frequently reminiscent of The Beach Boys.

But, The Beach Boys inherent cheeriness is replaced by a slightly dry delivery that keeps the music grounded against the synthesizers and effects.

“Firewater” sets aside the effects for a bluesy guitars, but it maintains the tone of the album.

For an album with a fantastic and intriguing opening, it never quite reaches the same heights again.

But, it’s a solid, creative album full of surprises around every musical turn.


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