Letter to the Editor: Controversy of democracy

Published 5:36 pm Tuesday, July 9, 2024

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Seems like the definition today of democracy has become controversial. It used to be very clear as we learned in High School civics class, but now it’s not. When our forefathers drew up the Constitution, they considered that democracy was creating an atmosphere of freedom of discussion, of argument, of finding the truth without having to resort to name calling, and/or inciting violence.

The rights of having life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Seems like modern diplomacy has degenerated into open insults.

I have to ask, what has happened to our ideals of right and wrong? Our principles of honesty? What has happened to public and private standards of morality. One would think that should be learned in churches, but they often fritter away their potential for communal and individual empowerment in an ongoing numbing process of theological indoctrination. Humility should be the first of Christian virtues.

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I don’t believe we want an apostle to open the door of violence, one who seems to delight in cruelty for its’ own sake. Its’ sad that evil can put on a better presentation by lying, than good can. We must look and accept the realities that bombard us as we approach November. I understand the divide, but to me the only option is to chose democracy over an authoritarian regime.  We don’t really want to lose our individual rights. Remember “ hope”  is a tease to prevent us from excepting reality.

In psychology there is a defense mechanism called projection whereby the person telling a lie or blaming someone else is actually projecting qualities and/or actions on to others. This is due to their pathological inability to accept their own truths or actions. Someone with this level of dysfunction is not someone we want or need in the White House.

I’ll leave you with this: It’s not evil people who lie and wreck havoc on the world that is the problem, it’s good people who don’t stop them.

Roberta J. Mistretta

Austin, MN