Hulne: Mini Piggy Fun run is a great event for youths

Published 6:35 pm Thursday, July 4, 2024

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There is nothing quite like a race, especially when there are first-timers in the field.

Every year, Austin kicks off its annual FunFest Parade with the one-mile Mini Piggy Fun Run, which allows children to take their chance at running or walking in front of a big crowd. They get the honor of leading the parade and they also provide plenty of chances for photo opportunities as they run in front of family and friends.

Some of the kids who run in the Mini Piggy will go on to run in high school or college and some may never run again. Either way, they learn something about themselves.

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There is something about running that either makes you or breaks you. When the pain kicks in, do you chase the runner next to you, or do you slow down and glide to the finish line? 

There are no tricks or secret strategies when it comes to a race, it’s simply about running the fastest and giving it your all.

The other unique part about running is that you are competing against yourself. Above all, elite runners and beginners chase their own times and focus on what they can control. First place finishes and medals are just a side effect of their determination and discipline.

I hope every kid who ran in the Mini Piggy had the time of their life and I also hope they pushed themselves a little harder than they had before. Maybe they found a new hobby, or maybe they just learned that they can do things that are difficult.

Either way, it’s a run that they will probably always remember.