Rocky Hulne: Exploring the new neighborhood

Published 6:08 pm Friday, June 21, 2024

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In case you haven’t heard, the Austin Daily Herald has moved and with a new location comes a new walking route.

At the old Herald location, I would sometimes take a stroll around Mill Pond to gather my thoughts, drum up story ideas, or simply watch the sunset. With our new location, I now have a new inspiration path. My new walk takes me around the Wescott Athletic Complex, where many Austin Packer memories have taken place.

While the field is now covered in turf, my memories of Art Hass go back to when it was a grass field and the memories of some Austin locals go back even further. Having a field where multiple generations have played and practiced is one of the unique things about high school sports and it bridges the gap between generations.

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Amongst this year’s Packer players will be a group of students who grew up with Tik Tok, a pandemic and a year-round sports calendar. Their parents grew up during the birth of the internet, the beginning of national sports being televised at a massive rate, and the last years of cell phones not being available. Go back to the grandparents who played on Art Hass Stadium and they never had computers, cable TV or video games.

But all three generations had access to sports and that’s what brings us together. When done right, sports build confidence and they bring teammates together. They also give families something to share and bond over.

For now, Art Hass sits idle.

But soon it will be filled with football and soccer players trying their best to represent their family and community with honor integrity.

I encourage all youths in town to give sports a chance and I look forward to seeing how the next generation of athletes make their mark.