Thumbs up, thumbs down: Supporting the county

Published 5:21 pm Friday, May 17, 2024

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Thumbs up for fundraising. Despite missing their goal by just over $75,000, it was still a successful campaign by the United Way of Mower County on the way toward raising $1,209,912 for its annual Community Campaign. This money goes to helping and supporting much needed organizations throughout the county that in turn helps the people of Mower. It’s another powerful reminder of the giving nature of those in Austin and Mower County.

Thumbs down to the current legislative process. With several major decisions still on the table and a Monday deadline looming, partisan politics make it difficult once again to get meaningful legislation passed during this most recent Minnesota session. The session has devolved into stalling rounds of finger-pointing and delays that will hold up this legislation. Among those decisions yet to be made is the bonding bill and hanging in the balance is money for area projects such as The Hormel Institute’s MBiC expansion and Riverland Community College’s renovation plans. We can only hope that opposing sides choose late in the game to work together rather than blame each other for not getting the job done.

Thumbs up to Riverland graduation. Representing future opportunity, Riverland Community College held its commencement ceremony last Friday, with over 500 in the class of 2024 armed with the knowledge to meaningfully change and better their futures.

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Thumbs up to the Zumbro Education District’s Activity Day. What a wonderful opportunity for those students in Special Education. The day, filled with competition and fun, gave these students the chance to shine not only among their peers, but also among entire student bodies shown this day by Hayfield High School students who took part in helping make the day something these kids will not soon forget.