Letter to the Editor: No questions asked on the road to election

Published 4:54 pm Friday, May 10, 2024

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Because some voters will believe anything I tell them, no questions asked, I, Donald Trump…

…promised voters “Mexico will pay for” my wall.  (But you did – and swallowed all my promises hook-line-sinker.)

…told voters I’d “completed” that wall.  (I didn’t – not even close.  Most of our 1,900-mile Border is still unwalled.)

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…insisted I’d release my taxes.  (I then did all I could to keep them hidden.  Ah, the old “Bait ‘n’ Switch.”  Classic!)

…told voters early COVID was “totally under control” on my watch.  (It wasn’t.  It soon killed over 1,000,000 of us.)

…claimed crime was at “record” levels with Obama.  (It wasn’t – but falsely smearing Obama boosted my image.)

…promised voters I wouldn’t “have time to play golf” in office.  (I found time to golf – lots and lots and lots of golf.)

…accused mail-in voting of being rife with “fraud.”  (But it isn’t.  In fact, I’ve voted by mail myself, more than once.)

…trashed Hillary Clinton, Biden and others for sloppy secrets-handling.  (But I freely took box after box to Florida.)

…declared myself pro-”law and order.”  (But I break laws – and glorify Jan. 6 thugs who openly committed crimes.)

…blasted Obama’s costly vacation trips.  (But I took even more of those pricey “days off” than he did.  Well?  So?)

…attacked the very idea of “defund the police.”  (But then I urged my party to “defund” the FBI and even the DOJ.)

…vowed to staff my team with “only the best people.”  (But I didn’t.  I prefer the corrupt and the easily corruptible.)

…claimed my poll numbers topped Lincoln’s.  (So scientific, tech-driven polling didn’t exist then.  Details, details.)

…promised to “drain the swamp.”  (Instead, I just restocked D.C. with my own dishonest, cagey swamp-cronies.)

…said I didn’t know about a Stormy Daniels payout.  (But I did.  I even signed a check reimbursing my lawyer for it.)

And that’s just fifteen of the deceptive and disingenuous promises, claims, and boasts Donald Trump has made in recent years.  How many more deliberate falsehoods could we add here?  Dozens?  Scores?  Hundreds?  Even if “evangelical” voters can somehow overlook all of Trump’s meanspirited insults and name-calling, should they be actively supporting this level of insincerity and deceit?  Would they evertolerate this much blatant dishonesty in any other politician?

“Religious” voters argue that backing this man can somehow “save the soul” of America.  But is his spiteful fury bringing out the best in us – or just making us angrier, crueler, harsher, meaner?  Can we trust the promises he makes, the claims he asserts, the “wins” he takes credit for – or is he just pushing falsehood and rage and grievance?  “Evangelicals” say none of that matters.  But shouldn’t it?

Brad Trom

Blooming Prairie, MN