Letter to the Editor: Being a student at AHS enables students to prosper

Published 5:43 pm Tuesday, May 7, 2024

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My name is Anita Rao, and I am a junior at Austin High School. I am one of two student representatives for the Austin School Board and an active student at AHS. So far, junior year has been amazing, partly due to all the great opportunities that our district provides.

For example, the CEO program has allowed me to forge many new connections and grow in ways I didn’t even know possible. I also have grown and learned so much from being a part of our school board. I admire all the members as they are great leaders in this community and have much knowledge to share.

I got involved with the CEO and the Board of the Austin Swim and Dive Team. Looking at a town of Austin’s size, I always appreciate our school district’s vast range of extra-curricular activities.

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There is something for every student at AHS, and the large variety of sports and clubs helps build a sense of community throughout the student body. Both the school district and the community of Austin provide a tremendous amount of support for its students. This support allows AHS’s students to reach their full potential.

From offering great programming like CEO, PSEO, and RCC classes to a wide range of extra-curricular activities, there is everything a young student like myself needs to prosper. Overall, being a student at Austin High School has been a positive experience with many opportunities. I wouldn’t trade my time in the Austin Public School district for anything.

Anita Rao

Austin Public

Schools Board Student Representative