John Ward Worlein

Published 5:20 pm Friday, May 24, 2024

John Ward Worlein

Born on 27 January 1942 near home in Waterville, Minnesota and passed away near home in Gulfport, Florida on Thursday, May 16th.

John graduated from Austin High School, Austin, MN in 1960, he served a hitch with the US Marine Corps as an infantryman and graduated from University of MN Medical School with a degree in Mortuary Science, like his brother Paul, a fourth-generation funeral director. As most people do, he went to work, but since relating to or reading somebody else’s detailed employment history is about as grueling as breaking trail in deep, new snow, suffice it to say that work was varied, gainful and allowed a lot of life’s interesting things to be pursued.

It was at the Austin Rotary club that he met true love in the person of Dr. Rosemary Linderman, they married in 2002. He served on the Salvation Army Advisory Board and other civic organizations; he also flew with the Austin Flying Club for many years.

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A member of the Masonic Fraternity for more than 55 years, Brother John was very active in a multitude of associated Masonic organizations in MN and internationally, which he enjoyed as an awarded writer, historian and speaker on fraternal and historical topics.

A longtime lake sailor with a small, very wet boat in Minnesota, a retirement move with Rose to Gulf coast Florida allowed blue water sailing in the Gulf in his (larger & dryer) sailboat ‘Chateau le Mar’. John & Rose belonged to the St Petersburg Yacht Club where they both served for many years on the race committee, assisting in the club’s very active ocean and bay racing activities.

As a student of history, especially of the medieval period, he was invited to join the Sovereign Military Order of the Temple of Jerusalem, which is a spiritual order celebrating knighthood of the crusader period; he was very active in this order for more than 30 years.

As a solo backpack traveler, John made many trips to Israel, and the middle eastern countries of Jordan, Syria & Lebanon (in somewhat safer times) studying biblical, crusader and modern history, including classes with Fr. Jerome Murphy-O’Connor. Often lodging with Holy Land Franciscans, for whom he had several fundraising campaigns, he was surprised to learn that his association and support of this worthy organization led to his being named for membership in the oldest crusader brotherhood, the Equine Order of the Holy Sepulcher, its badge is the original Jerusalem cross.

He was a fairly skilled worker in wood, metal and leather, some people said he could build anything, this was not really true, but he could build enough. As a long-term member of Pyrotechnic Guild of America. John loved to build and display fireworks of all disciplines with a special interest in large Italian & Maltese aerial shells.

John is preceded by the passing of his parents, Margaret & Ward Worlein, and a lot of friends, fellow veterans and fraternal Brothers (plus many beloved dogs & cats). He is survived by the love of his life, Rosemary, her sons David Linderman, Ryan (Jennifer) Linderman and Jim (Erin) Linderman, 4 grandchildren Max, Emery, Sophie & Owen. Brother Paul (Joanne) Worlein of Austin MN, nephew Erich & three lovely nieces, Anna Marmor, Kari Brunsting & Marnie Worlein. He is also survived by a very few ancient and honorable friends of very long standing.

No planned funeral arrangements have been made at this time, although some of John’s organizations may choose to conduct their own rites. At some point in the future, commitment to the deep blue will be made in the sailing waters of the Gulf.

If you wish to make a small donation in his memory, John’s favored charities are Doctors without Borders, Holy Land Franciscans and your local Salvation Army.