Our Opinion: Students should take advantage of the unique opportunities

Published 5:43 pm Tuesday, April 16, 2024

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Earlier this month, eight students from Pacelli Catholic Schools, were able to take part in the 37th annual Model United Nations Program.

The program works off the existing model of the United Nations as closely as possible, replicating some of the work done on a global scale. It’s an invaluable experience that can literally open of the world to students and helps to underscore how important these types of programs are for their development.

A good deal of the time,  those high school activities most often brought to the forefront is sports, but we urge students, when the opportunities arise, to take part in these other types of programs. Sports have their place and contribute to a student’s development on their own merits: teamwork, how to handle losing and winning and decision making.

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But these other activities and programs offer even more experiences by putting students in the forum of interacting with other students from around the state or helping formulate stronger attributes needed for public discourse.

Exposure to other ideas and other modes of thinking can contribute to a more well-rounded student experience that not only can co-exist with athletics, but we argue can even augment those other experiences.

For example, participation in speech can develop a person’s ability to perform and to address peers in a public forum, but can also strengthen leadership skills on the basketball court. All of these things can have a connection both inside and outside of classrooms and we will need those kinds of people for future betterment of our society.

So if you’re in school and are looking for something to occupy your time, give these programs and organizations a try. They can only help, even if it’s getting up and speaking in front of others.

Always take the opportunity to grow as a person.