Letter to the Editor: In agreement with previous letter

Published 2:01 pm Tuesday, April 9, 2024

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I have had a few good experiences with Mayo, but all too often, not. When we moved here six years ago I was feeling great at having the Mayo system as my medical provider, now I see it as just one more corporate monopoly.

When corporate executives are making millions it shakes me to the bone that important members of our society make so little. Nurses and educators are examples of professions who do not get the respect that they should. I know as a retired nurse how taxing their job is and I would challenge any corporate executive to follow in the footsteps of their exhausting day. I doubt they could successfully do so.

As far as the portal and the insipid saying of: “The needs of our patients come first” … hogwash!! I had the worst experience of my life at Rochester in the Ophthalmology Department, but when complaining about this I was told if I did that again, my portal privileges would be taken away. How is that for caring for the patient? I have since taken my business to Olmsted for that particular diagnosis. And when I say “my business,” We hire these doctors and if we don’t get exemplary service, then it’s up to us to fire them.

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I have been lucky with a few really great doctors and I applaud them for being kind and empathic, but that woman in Rochester was so horrible. I only wish my complaints of her had been taken seriously.

Roberta Mistretta

Austin, MN